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Latlng: (43.070115, -79.072061)

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Niagara Falls

Oak Hall Gate

Discovered by Andrewz
Created Apr 16 2014
Recent status Historic Location
Category Other
City Niagara Falls, Ontario
Location # 10272

There was once a pathway here leading up to what is now the Oak Hall, these two pillars are all that is left of the gate.

Latlng: (43.070115, -79.072061)


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timekeeper The property on the hill above is now the head office for the Niagara Parks commission, all of the land surrounding it had been once owned by Sir Harry Oaks, and before that a number of other wealthy snobs with mutton chops. Dufferin Islands was also a part of the property, that road way and the pillars would have been a part of the access to the main house from the upper river.

Apr 16 2014