Latlng: (43.094783, -79.067118)

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Niagara Falls

Homestead Inn BB

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Location Owner crazycarclub
Creation Date Nov 20 2012
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Niagara Falls, Ontario
Site number #5846

"Just off the main tourist strip, with the American side of the Horseshoe Falls still in view sits 3, maybe 4 abandoned and derelict mansions in a row. On a street that prides itself on its Victorian homes and views of the river, just far enough away from the hustle and bustle - sits a scar on the road - The Homestead Inn Bed and Breakfast. This place would have once been buzzing with activity, people coming and going, eating, sleeping, reading, relaxing. It then turned to a home for the cities squatters and vandals. The grace of the B&B is still obvious, but the walls and carpets tell a much different story!" RRF

Latlng: (43.094783, -79.067118)


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avatar of ground state
ground state Would like to open this up BM status now that it is gone, but with the lingering stain of arson here, it should probably be kept sealed for a while.
Apr 29 2014
avatar of Andrewz
Andrewz This was going to be my very first place I visited, but I arrived only to find the place completely demolished.
Apr 29 2014
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi This place is now gone, the corner has been leveled.
Apr 28 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state Not a trio any longer... 2 are completely razed, land resurfaced. Looks like the 3rd is soon to follow.
Mar 11 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state Might want to stay away from all three of these for a little while, as there was a fire in the Homestead last night.
Jun 09 2013
avatar of ground state
ground state Might want to stay away from this one for a little while.... Not a huge amount of damage, but still. Eyes will likely be much more watchful for a little while.
Jun 09 2013
avatar of ground state
ground state Nicely done; knew from the gallery name exactly what this would be! I did a drive-by here about two weeks ago for the same reason and saw the other two houses. Appeared that Homestead was freshly done up with the other two and I didn't even attempt an approach, so good work on finding a way in. With summer coming and the neighbourhood they're in, the boards won't stay on for long.
Mar 31 2013
avatar of rejex
rejex love this place
Nov 24 2012
avatar of rcouper
rcouper Sad.
Nov 21 2012
avatar of ground state
ground state Great place - have been meaning to get here but have consistently headed in different directions thinking that the neighbours here would be watching too closely to gain entry. That bathroom toilet shot is ultra cool, as are the shots through one room into another with completely different colours. Interesting!
Nov 20 2012