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Latlng: (44.027102, -79.480907)

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Discovered by alp002
Created Mar 01 2018
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Newmarket, Ontario
Location # 15183

May have been one of the original homes back here. Driveway runs rt through subdivision. Long walk back to the house, Over bridge. Many outbuildings. Park at park for access and walk along pathway to driveway then follow up. POE to main house now. (update) looks like snow is gone and kids are starting to find this place. The house is quite old due to the old stone foundation. I believe there was a saw mill on this site many years ago(hope to find info and update.)

Latlng: (44.027102, -79.480907)


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blaekly Yeah it was demolished at the end of summer. Apparently no demo permit was submitted and it was just taken down by the developer. Nothing remains of the farm stuff either. This house was on the site of an old mill. Behind where the house stood you can see remnants of it - the mill run and where the reservoir would have been.

Nov 19 2018

timo explorer May be in the process of demolition, if its not already gone. A lot of activity going on back there with large demo equipment. Can anyone confirm?

Mar 27 2018

alp002 Was there around Christmas, - 26C. Been eyeballin it for quite a while while cycling the path. Recent abandonment! maybe due to the giant subdivision that appears to be on the schedule?

Mar 02 2018

timo explorer Same as blaekly....last time I checked it was lived in. Good find.

Mar 01 2018

blaekly !! WHAT! Another one!?! Man you are tearing me up. Was here last summer and it was definitely lived in at the time. Did you just check it on a whim?

Mar 01 2018