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Big Deck House

Newmarket, Ontario

Location Owner timo explorer
Creation Date Aug 23 2016
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Newmarket, Ontario
Site number #13853

Like its neighbour next door, this house screams luxury. Pool, tennis court, beautiful interior, fireplaces, sauna, and the biggest deck you will ever see. built in 1981 In the driveway is a large bin with much of the construction material that has been removed, and a construction trailer and backhoe sits behind the house. Sadly, this beautiful home is not long for the world. Whoever built this place had the fortune to have a fortune, as seen in every corner and fixture throughout the house. Downstairs there is a huge library area that still has books on the shelves, the only personal items still found here. Vandals have done a lot of damage, construction crews have also done their share. The house had years of life left in it, but the land must have been worth selling considering the beautiful property and home that remains wide open for exploration, until it gets torn down. ***DEMOLISHED NOVEMBER 11TH 2016***


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avatar of canucks747
canucks747 it was built in 1981
Nov 21 2016
avatar of blaekly
blaekly This house was torn down today.
Nov 11 2016
avatar of blaekly
blaekly The intercoms, mahogany study, sexy old fridge downstairs. This house absolutely screamed "80's Luxury".
Sep 09 2016
avatar of Cerulean
Cerulean They had a fortune until they spent it on this house. ;)
Aug 29 2016
avatar of historicallycultural
historicallycultural what a lovely home...
Aug 24 2016