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Then and Now


ground state

Then and Now - Muskoka-Wildlife-Centre6.jpg Photo of Then and Now taken by ground state


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f.o.s. Face schmace...who needs to see her face when you can see that fat little beaver! That beaver is the star of the show

Jul 30 2014

ground state Primus haha. Oh boy, it's a good thing the beaver wasn't still wet - otherwise our faceless host here would really be in trouble for comments.

Jul 29 2014


Jul 28 2014

quiksilver I wonder if her name is Wynona?

Jul 28 2014

lowkeyimagedesign looks like that beaver could use a trim

Jul 28 2014

quiksilver The Naked Gun comes to mind here "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice Beaver" anyone else remember that movie?

Jul 28 2014

f.o.s. Awww what a cute chubby little furry beaver. God bless that woman for taking such good care of it.

Jul 28 2014

clay70 Beaverage anyone?

Jul 27 2014

ground state LOL!

Jul 27 2014

superss I'm not saying it.

Jul 27 2014