Muskoka Centre Sanitarium

Discovered by TWP
Created Jun 04 2009
Recent status Abandoned
Category Hospital
City Muskoka, Ontario
Location # 688

As modern treatment and prevention of tuberculosis became more prevalent, the requirements for the traditional isolation sanatoriums lessened. Decreased occupancy resulted at the Muskoka hospital during the late 1940’s and throughout the 1950’s. Meanwhile, a counterbalancing phenomenon in the field of mental retardation began demanding increased care and treatment space. In 1960, the 62-acre site, a rocky peninsula jutting out into Lake Muskoka and the existing structure, were acquired by the Ontario Department of Health as an extension of the Ontario Hospital School at Orillia. In 1973, the facility administered to 305 female patients between the ages of 16 to 80 years with the total staff of about 300. There were also four male adolescent resents. About 275 of these residents occupied the large Gage complex, built in 1922, with the remainder housed in the Barbara Heyden Residence, constructed in 1936. The Muskoka Centre was closed in 1994. (Info by Copy-Six) FairlyLocal: The Gravenhurst Sanitarium was once a TB hospital. Many people, old and young were admitted to the hospital to treat their TB. Fortunately, a cure was found and the hospital was no longer needed. Unfortunately, this meant that the hospital was destined to become an asylum for the insane. At this time in the 60s, the name of the building was changed to the "Muskoka Centre", and sirens were placed on all of the buildings on the property to signal if there was a violent outbreak from a patient. There is a lovely, eerily overgrown baseball diamond as you enter the property. Now days, the building has been purchased, and there are plans to turn it into a Chinese school. The plans however, have been halted, as the people who bought the property were unaware of the decay, and ruin inside the main building, and the cost to either level the buildings, or fix them up is too much. So, now the police use the building grounds as a practice space, as well as a spot to train police dogs. This building looks absolutely beautiful to explore. I never got inside, as the amount of mold and asbestos inside is extremely hazardous, and during my "spur of the moment" exploration, I did not have a respirator with me. Fair warning, if you are getting there by boat, the water is too shallow to dock almost any form of motor boat with a submerged engine, and you will be spotted. Secondly, if you are getting there by car, the neighbors are very, very protective of the building, and if you park your car anywhere near the building, they WILL call the police on you. As it happens, the fire, and police station is less than a two minute drive from this location, so they will show up quickly. Many people have been charged here. Otherwise, it is a beautiful property.

Latlng: (44.943843, -79.39802)


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avatar of N3WMAN
N3WMAN Very risky now. Several people got arrested there last week and charged with breaking and entering. Be careful out there.
Nov 21 2020
avatar of Bruce_ree
Bruce_ree Training**
Nov 19 2020
avatar of Bruce_ree
Bruce_ree It's used as a trading base for the local police department and opp to train the k-9
Nov 19 2020
avatar of hailey55439
hailey55439 a couple poes as of yesterday
Feb 24 2019
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Somebody was inside two weeks ago but chances of getting caught are pretty high nowadays. Main building is still accessible.
Oct 08 2018
avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral Is there a reason anyone hasn't visited here lately? :(
Oct 08 2018
avatar of whatwouldsatando
whatwouldsatando Here is the plans for development
Mar 21 2017
avatar of whatwouldsatando
whatwouldsatando Apparently the property will be up for sale soon and the town of Gravenhurst is looking for constructive ways to use the land and possibly turn it into an education centre
Mar 21 2017
avatar of Digitisation
Digitisation There are currently a few POEs to get in if anyone is planning to go
Jan 28 2017
avatar of Bumblebee
Bumblebee If anyone is interested Rick Mercer did a report with David Suzuki here as part of the Rick Mercer Report in partnership with the OPP.
Apr 18 2015
avatar of maple
maple Nice galleries added here. If anyone is heading there this summer, let me know. I'd go to see the place. :)
Apr 05 2015
avatar of Bumblebee
Bumblebee Visited this past Thursday despite the rain. All members should be aware that <b>OPP still patrols inside the fence<b>. Despite what you might have heard about the dog training being moved or shut down, be very aware and very alert at all times while exploring. Other than the warning, the place exceeded all expectations.
Nov 08 2014
avatar of superss
superss OAP, you said it so much nicer than I would have.
Jul 22 2014
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Getting caught by security = an indication there is a POE which means they will secure the entrance. Thus, care should be taken at all times not to be caught.
Jul 22 2014
avatar of mattgrant1
mattgrant1 @phrenzee, I don't really care though - it's like a $65 fine if I get caught and they get annoyed. I spent about $65 in gas travelling there aha. I go at night to all these places (more creepy), and the only security I've encountered on premises is an abandoned hospital in London, but they didn't even care.
Jul 22 2014