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Kilworthy and Store
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Kilworthy and Store - Vintage Kilworthy

Album uploaded by clay70

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Unknown location discovered by clay70 on Oct 24 2009

Vintage Kilworthy - Kilworthy-and-Store67.jpg
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The train station was located right here. Behind you can see the post office.

Vintage Kilworthy - Kilworthy-and-Store68.jpg
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General Store 2009.

Vintage Kilworthy - Kilworthy-and-Store70.jpg
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What a train station. All these years I never knew it once existed, or that it would have been this large. circa 1912

Vintage Kilworthy - Kilworthy-and-Store71.jpg
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Post office 2009. RR1 and RR2 are sorted from here.

Vintage Kilworthy - Kilworthy-and-Store72.jpg
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General Store is to the left. All aboard!!