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The Show Is Over...

Discovered by vjpolsoni
Created Jul 09 2015
Recent status Abandoned
Category Recreational
City Mississauga, Ontario
Location # 12354

Stage West (now Sandman Hotel) was a hotspot for 27 years in Mississauga. This theatre was ranking in $ and showing some brilliant plays! I remember going as a youngster to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show while enjoying a steak dinner. They even had fancy dinner buffets. Now this is what is left... I happen to work around the corner from this location and today I finally got around to taking photos of it. The hotel itself is being renovated but this part of it is abandoned. I went up to the front to take a peak and there are paint buckets stacked up, covering the front doors. I suspect there is most likely an entrance to the theatre from the parking lot in the back or even from inside the hotel. I took several photos around the theatre for you to see. Security cameras all around, but no one was in sight. I was there at around 6pm. I remember this theatre being very big and classy for its time. I will post more galleries in the future before it is repurposed. Does not seem like they're in a rush to get it done... More about the theatre by The Star:

Latlng: (43.642385, -79.631452)


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Crosymp I think this is demolished...
Jul 12 2019