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Latlng: (43.56256, -79.61375)

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St. John's Lithuanian Cemetery

Discovered by bigpaulsmall
Created Apr 06 2013
Recent status Historic Location
Category Cemetery
City Mississauga, Ontario
Location # 6639

St. John's Lithuanian Cemetery was founded in 1960 when Father Azubalis bought a section of an apple orchard in Port Credit and developed a cemetery with its own indoor/outdoor chapel. The mound of crosses surrounding the chapel was originally made for a Lithuanian exposition and transplanted here. Over time the many small crosses were replaced by larger more elaborate ones, donated by organizations and individuals, to commemorate milestones or to serve as memorials.

I always said I wouldn't post cemeteries, but this one is so unique and other worldly that I thought I would post it for those of you who like cemeteries. If you don't agree that it should be on OAP then we can shut it down. Cemeteries are not technically abandoned, only the people in them have abandoned this earth.

Latlng: (43.56256, -79.61375)


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DARKMAN We used to go here as teenagers before the giant statues were placed in the concrete in the 80's. We used to make up all kinds of stuff about what it was to try and scare new people. You could go down into two dark rooms down below. Never had no idea what it would end up being. Very nice gallery!

Jun 06 2013

oldmann66 I know cemeteries are not abandoned but i have no problem with them being posted in here they are just as much as a part of history as the buildings that are posted on here. Yet this one is unique in it own way.

Apr 21 2013

East Of Eden Cool Shots, BigPaulSmall. Nice and dramatic.

Apr 12 2013

mobileworks Pioneer Cemeteries of the 1800's are very rare, unique and important as well and are not always in here because they are 'abandoned'. They do not need to be scoffed at as well. I love photographing Pioneer Cemeteries of the 1800's as hold a lot history and should be documented and respected. Pioneer Cemeteries should not be confused with newer cemeteries but this one is very different for sure

Apr 09 2013

D Explore I usually scoff at cemeteries as "abandoned locations" but this one is definitely interesting

Apr 08 2013

timo explorer I have seen Lithuanian cemeteries before and they are all very ornate, like this one. Not something you see everyday though, these folks know how to celebrate life and death. Well done.

Apr 07 2013

kking By far the most interesting cemetery I've ever seen!

Apr 07 2013

trailblazer519 This is like something out of Lord of the Rings.

Apr 07 2013

superss Very awesome BPS. I don't mind seeing cemeteries on here, but I prefer it not to just be your regular typical shots of a typical cemetery. I like it when there is an intriguing story, history, mystery or in this particular case, really cool looking.

Apr 07 2013

f.o.s. Wow you weren't kidding about this being something unique! I for one am glad you decided to post it, even though the place is a real ghost town.

Apr 06 2013

drunkenmunky420 There are lots of cemetery's on here and if any of them should be this one should be. Very neat location and great photo's nice work.

Apr 06 2013

ground state But you know what the difference is? You're a hardcore explorer, so when you post something like this it is completely understood that you've seen some kind of justifiable merit in it. You've examined your explorer conscience about whether to post it or not, and aren't just doing it to ramp up your location statistics.

Apr 06 2013