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Pristine Paradise

Mississauga, Ontario

Location Owner bigpaulsmall
Creation Date Jun 01 2013
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Mississauga, Ontario
Site number #7984

Beautiful property and house, move in ready if you have 3 million dollars. It's being rezoned for 7 detached dwellings. Can't believe they would tear this place down. It's full of hardwood and detail moulding.( I always got confused if it was "Moulding or Molding" My mom straightened me out by telling me "If it's old it's mold") So it's crown moulding with no mold on it yet.The only furniture in the whole place is a couple of plastic lawn chairs.Huge property with deer in the back yard, and a stream running along the side.

Latlng: (43.629780, -79.708730)


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avatar of pganja
pganja was here about 3 days ago. completely trashed. was looking at the previous galleries before uploading mine. sad to see how such a wonderful place such as this, could be destroyed this bad and quick. from holes in the walls. to every mirrior smashed, think there was one throughout the whole house that wasn't smashed. would not recommend going as there is really nothing to see but vandalism
Feb 18 2017
avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral Went last weekend, no POE by the looks of it. I walked though the back and as I turned a corner (where the front door is, which may have been the only POE), there was a white truck parked in the driveway. My friend and I ran out of there as fast as we could. Pretty sure it was a guy who came to cut the grass. Talk about bad timing.
May 30 2016
unknown user avatar
Unknown User This is nicer than my house, I'm glad they're not tearing it down.
Jun 16 2015
avatar of Evman
Evman Couple words of caution: There are photos of things left in this house taken in February that are not there anymore now at the end of March. This means things are still being moved out, and as of now there's a couple lamps left so you can be sure they're coming for them.
Mar 31 2014
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub Awesome link doom. Very strange this place sits unlocked without hydro. Love how much has changed on the overhead shot in the subdivision nextdoor.
Feb 24 2014
avatar of doom vs
doom vs See added link. Appears this house will stay. 7 units proposed, 6 new, 1 existing.
Feb 18 2014
avatar of No Access
No Access Was here on Friday. Definately a dying fire alarm beeping inside. No power to the house/property. Beautiful place inside! Little bit of mold in the basement, but other than that very clean!
Sep 17 2013
avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL Darnit! I guess I was scared by a dying fire alarm battery...
Sep 15 2013
avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL Visited tonight, this place now has a "For Sale" sign on the front fence. Stepped one foot in and realized there is an active alarm in this place. Heard the chirp and I was gone like the wind.
Aug 11 2013
avatar of No Access
No Access Very nice!
Jun 06 2013
avatar of vivalarevolution
vivalarevolution absolutley amazing !
Jun 05 2013
avatar of quiksilver
quiksilver too bad i wasted my $3 mil nest egg when i bet on the leafs in the first round.
Jun 02 2013
avatar of ground state
ground state Looking at the pics, it is just ridiculous to think that it is really worth it from a profit-margin standpoint.
Jun 01 2013
avatar of maureen e.
maureen e. Absolutely amazing place. If only I had a spare $3 million I would buy it. Too bad I am poor.
Jun 01 2013
avatar of drunkenmunky420
drunkenmunky420 what a beautiful home I can't believe developers buy these places just to gut them and tear them down. So much time and work only to be destroyed for some ugly condo's.
Jun 01 2013