Long Branch Arsenal Lands - Alarming

Military in Mississauga, Ontario

Abandoned location discovered by renegade runner on Nov 11 2011

Alarming - Long-Branch-Arsenal-Lands5.jpg Photo of Alarming taken by bigpaulsmall


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User so are their motion detectors all around?
2013-09-10 18:19:46
avatar of Evman
Evman ...building, I guess it's just used infrequently or something.
2013-07-23 21:44:25
avatar of Evman
Evman That's weird, I saw a car parked in front of it when I checked it out and people walking out of the
2013-07-23 21:43:50
avatar of charlemagne
charlemagne sweet pics very impressive you were actually able to get inside
2013-07-22 16:29:23
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub yup, awesome set
2013-07-20 15:45:41
avatar of Finz519
Finz519 nice
2013-07-20 11:57:48