Latlng: (43.489309, -79.635373)

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Little Red House

Discovered by UrbexNorth
Created Nov 21 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
City Mississauga, Ontario
Location # 16896

I don't know much about this house. It fronts directly on to Winston Churchill Blvd. My last visit was in 2011 and it was in rough shape then. The basement had 3-4ft of ice in it and the main floor seemed pretty rotten so I did not venture inside. Most of the walls had been smashed and there was a hole in the roof letting lots of water in. If anyone local knows more please update.

Latlng: (43.489309, -79.635373)


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avatar of UrbexNorth
UrbexNorth Crazy to find out its still there after all these years. Thanks for the update!
Dec 03 2020
avatar of EhEhRon
EhEhRon I went there today. Still there, thank you for sharing! Its super cool. The basement is completely filled with water, the upstairs has half a roof. The road its beside is quite low traffic as well. Worth the trip
Nov 30 2020
avatar of DDR12
DDR12 Looks like the house is still there, according to google maps. The house and 3 acres of land its on is owned by a numbered company (which also owns an in-use light industrial type of strip mall in Mississauga).
Nov 25 2020