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Hwy 407 Stole This

Mississauga, Ontario

Location Owner dankyrs
Creation Date May 25 2011
Status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
Location Mississauga, Ontario
Site number #2761
Site Access Level Level 2

I can't seem to find the exact location on google, but we saw it from the 407 near Mississauga. I am almost sure its on Old Base Road but not 100%. It was a towing company, family owned, and the 407 got the OK to run its highway through the middle of the property. This took a lot of their land and made the fields poor for growing. To make matters worse, the same family actually owned more property another road over, but Shell put in a truck fuel station so the family couldn't use the land for growing. They fought in court but the father died before it ended. The mother stayed in the home until 2007 and then moved to a retirement home. The house is open but trashed. Tons of beautiful cars though! Very sad what happened to this family :( MW1978: There is a lot to explore this house. The basement is full of items ranging from old typewriters to collectible bottles! I only had about half an hour to explore this house, but I will arrange a return visit. It appears the basement was under a few feet of water at some point as water lines are visible on the wall and some of the items. Use caution when walking around the backyard as there is an open well with its lid off. Two barns complete this property that are in a sad state of disrepair. I did not venture in those. On this particular day there was lots of ice around so do watch your step. Remember to bring your flashlight as the upstairs is in total darkness! From MississaugaExplorer, Fall 2014: A farm house with documents, furniture and supplies inside. Flooded basement but you can walk on floating furniture to get around. Fields surrounding the house covered in car parts and tractors/trucks. Lots of scrap metal. A few small sheds and a barn full of hay were recently set on fire causing fire fighters to sort of close off the area. You can still get in and see the land and house though. There is another house just across the field that has 2 stories. You have to walk across beams and watch for the rotted floor. I would not recommend trying to scale the floorboards upstairs. Collapsed basement you can squeeze into.

Latlng: (43.580156, -79.794960)


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avatar of elkiman
elkiman House is still there (Sept. 2017). Didn't have long pants or a proper light during my visit, so I didn't explore much of the grounds or inside the house. :(
Sep 13 2017
avatar of mw1978
mw1978 I drove by this place today (As seen in the Ninth Line Gem gallery) and it has been demolished. The other house is still there (As seen in Ninth Line Decay)
Nov 10 2015
avatar of Zenit-User
Zenit-User so, after popping back a bit ago, i noticed something interesting. In the basement, if you enter though the back window and onto the table, then go left, (north) you'll see a wooden console. There is, or was, a radio chassis in there. I looked up pics and it seems to be from 1936. Very neat.
Aug 26 2014
avatar of Evman
Evman CAUTION: There was a fire (probably arson) on the property a few days ago. I would strongly advise against going near this place for a while.
Jun 11 2014
avatar of superss
superss No, both houses are on the same property, one is just a little further back & to the south. The other property that they had was Location #4068.
Apr 11 2014
avatar of sleep_is_awesome
sleep_is_awesome I'm confused. "Gem on the Ninth Line" is clearly a different house. Is that the one referred to as the other property the original owners had?
Apr 11 2014
avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL I found an article on this family:
Aug 12 2013
avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL @Zenit-User: I was here a few weeks ago and saw someone operating a bobcat on the property, moving stuff around. So I went back yesterday and no one was around.
Aug 11 2013
avatar of rashomon
rashomon Was there on the long weekend ... everything is boarded up. There was a POE but it was too dark inside anyway to shoot so I didn't go in.
Aug 05 2013
avatar of Evman
Evman I don't think anything is stolen. The people that are doing this are boarding the place up as well. This tells me that they are the owners, otherwise why would they bother?
Jul 22 2013
avatar of Zenit-User
Zenit-User Just came back from here, found the house boarded, and FOUR CARS STOLEN by presumably forklift, a construction forklift. This leads me to believe 1 of two things: Either the people that go there are restoration crews, scrappers, or missisauga environmental cleanup (which i highly doubt) But in addition to this, they stole a gas tank that i flipped over, full of fuel, and also a large pipe.
Jul 17 2013
avatar of Zenit-User
Zenit-User Oh! - In addition, I think this farm may have had chickens at one point. This is evidenced by the seed/grain and the bucket in it, it's a small feed shack, or so it appears, and some of these other sheds appear to have been chicken huts.
Jul 14 2013
avatar of Zenit-User
Zenit-User Okay, so looking from google maps' street view, and a bit of search-typing, I've found out that the exact address of this location is: 7248 Ninth Line, Mississauga, ON, Canada And it is indeed sad what happened, i would have never guessed it had such a tragic ending.
Jul 14 2013
avatar of Evman
Evman Don't worry too much about the houses being boarded up, the wooden boarding is frequently broken by the neighbourhood kiddies. The property with the cars has people working in it sometimes, so it gets repaired often, but the other house is owned by the city, and I suspect it was only boarded up because of hurricane Sandy, so they probably won't repair the already broken boarding on it.
Feb 15 2013
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 Both houses boarded up. it was night time and muddy so i didn't venture too far to see what was left of the cars. but the Civics still there, in worse condition....
Dec 04 2012