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Latlng: (43.605013, -79.559657)

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Etobicoke Creek Arch Bridge

Discovered by torontoman2816
Created Apr 16 2020
Recent status Historic Location
Category Bridge/Locks
City Mississauga, Ontario
Location # 16442

This one isn't abandoned, but it represents a building style that really can't be seen on Ontario highways anymore. This arch bridge was built in 1932 when the QEW was widened to 4 lanes and realigned to where it is today. Over time as the highway was expanded, never bridges were built around it, covering it in so that it can't be seen from the highway. Today this is the oldest bridge on the QEW. It is a neat place to check out, and the arches are cool to climb on. This one is on a city park, and is totally legal to get to, so no worries about getting in trouble.

Latlng: (43.605013, -79.559657)


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