Latlng: (43.503075, -80.00446)

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Yellow House

Discovered by cobwebs
Created Jun 26 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Milton, Ontario
Location # 1704

An interesting looking yellow house located on a busy road, it appears completely boarded up (though didn(a)t go completely around the building), there(a)s also some modest ruins and a small barn.

Latlng: (43.503075, -80.00446)


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avatar of halton paranormal
halton paranormal This place has been demolished as of today :( very sad
Oct 15 2014
avatar of SuperSonic
SuperSonic saw this place today....pretty nasty inside
May 19 2013
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 i found out through my mom. that the Scrap yard across the street owns the property now, my family talks to them every once and a while, they were the ones that tore down the barns due to safety, they've seen a lot of people exploring the property. but there is no plans for demolishing the house yet. as far as we know.
May 17 2012
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper This place is going to crumble anytime now
May 17 2012
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 the both barns are gone as of today. its like they never existed...
May 03 2012
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 i know i figures i might as well check though.
Apr 30 2012
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 when i went to this place i checked the whole lawn i couldn't find anything that remotely could have been graves.
Apr 30 2012
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 i found out through a map of the area from the 1800s there appears to be or used to be a few graves on this site. it show just south of the barn.
Apr 19 2012
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 Me seeing some of the photos explain why i see lights occasionally when i drive by this place on my way home. i was starting to get creeped out. i was alway wondering what this place looked like since i moved to moffat. when i get the guts to check out a place like that i will definitely make my way there.
Apr 17 2012
avatar of photocbear
photocbear this is a great location. I have never been inside but the house provides amazing exterior shots if you get a great sky with clouds
Apr 04 2012
avatar of No Access
No Access that was an awesome place, visited it last fall, lots of junk and the basement was not flooded at the time
Apr 10 2011
avatar of No Access
No Access pretty cool place, the house is in very rough shape, upper floor rotten, lots of junk in the barn, use caution the barn's second floor seems unstable.
Oct 20 2010