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Latlng: (44.746593, -79.858632)

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Grain Elevators


Discovered by sleep_is_awesome
Created Jul 04 2011
Recent status Closed
Category Foundations
City Midland, Ontario
Location # 2884

The Grain Elevators were demolished at some point prior to the late nineties, though the basement remains. In my high school days, I remember my friends talking about their excursion to the place to get away with some drinks. Up until recently, I had thought it was completely gone due to new housing developments.

To get into this, you have to be quiet and discreet. It(a)s a largely fenced in area beside a condo-unit.

Latlng: (44.746593, -79.858632)


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unknown user avatar

Unknown user Has anyone tried to get in recently?

Aug 26 2020

ForgottenPlaces Would love to get in here, but with the fencing around it & the constant eyes that are on you, no thanks!

Mar 01 2016

rejex coool

May 18 2012