Latlng: (42.658115, -81.759546)

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Middlesex County

Final Destination

Discovered by crazycarclub
Created Jun 11 2014
Recent status Demolished
Category Hospital
City Middlesex County, Ontario
Location # 10542

I've been eyeing this beautiful old nursing home for a few years now, there was a POE in 2009 but re-sealed shortly after. Appears to be a large older house that has had a horrendous add on built onto it. Some gorgeous stained glass windows in the older half. Last door number i seen was number 13 so theres at least that many rooms. Large open concept downstairs, maybe a bar/lounge area at one time. Decay has been kicked into overdrive here. A leaky roof has caused the second floor to start falling inward, not to mention extremely soft floors in spots. On a really busy road and shares a driveway with a house directly behind it. I did the quick run and gun today but a peaceful re visit is definately in order.

Latlng: (42.658115, -81.759546)


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avatar of kaitrinsullivan
kaitrinsullivan A Facebook user sent me a photo of this place the other day and it is in the midst of being demolished.
Jan 11 2018
avatar of haweater
haweater Interior much worse then the exterior suggests. At least the grass is kept cut (but in some abandoned properties, the neighbours just do it anyways).
Jun 14 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state Excellent! Was definitely worth the wait for a POE.
Jun 11 2014