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Latlng: (43.857262, -79.327445)

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Unionville Commercial

Discovered by fullspectrum
Created Dec 26 2014
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Markham, Ontario
Location # 11533

Set back from a busy roadway is this medium sized cinder block commercial building. This building was occupied by the JB & D Company Ltd. JB & D are a family business of 4 generations and 65 years in operation.

They have recently moved to a new location. But they left behind this interesting two level white building where they used to manufacture and sell lawn and farm industry fertilizing equipment.

This building is close to a busy roadway a church, and a few other buildings, but it is set far enough back from the street to provide some cover. I was there during a weekday. The door on the east side is open. I am not sure of the vintage of this building but I would estimate it was built in the 1940's-1950's.

The ceilings are very low in this building which is interesting. It is built very solidly from cinder block and wood beams and appears to be in good structural condition. The front appears to be office area and there are some swing open saloon style doors to a workshop/warehouse area on the right as you go in. Just as I opened the doors I heard a loud "CLICK" and a loud motor turn on. It made me jump, as I was on this visit It was the furnace which still appears to be cycling on and off. This building still has electricity to my surprise and a light bulb was on in one of the rooms.

Latlng: (43.857262, -79.327445)


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Loose Moose Looks like this place was torn down not too long ago by the construction mentioned by blapphoto

Apr 01 2021

blapphoto I'm quite sure this place is no longer accessible due to the construction along the road. Drove past it the other day and was unable to turn in.

Jul 11 2016

ground state Nice looking place. With the power still on, you may want to switch this listing to FM status as well. Otherwise it will eventually show up in open Internet searches.

Dec 27 2014