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Latlng: (43.905474, -79.361454)

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Stop The Terrain, It's Home Time!


Discovered by Motleykiwi
Created Mar 23 2019
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Markham, Ontario
Location # 15909

Canucks747 brought Digitisation and I here before and we walked away disappointed as there was no entry to be had. I was in the area again with Mr. OAP, so I wanted to swing by and see if anything changed. We drove by around 4:30pm and noticed that a small portion of the house had been demolished. We watched a worker position the excavator to block the driveway and then he jumped in his truck and headed home. This was now our opportunity to visit. We parked a fair distance away and walked over. To our delight, the front door was wide open and welcomed us in.

There was door trim and pieces of the fireplace lying on the floor which we cleaned up to get better shots. Let me just say that the fireplace was pure thick marble and it was heavy as hell, my back wasn’t happy. The house was empty but still had lots of nice features like a couple of ceiling medallions, custom shelving, crown molding, wooden trim, two staircases, a stone fireplace and a small bar.

These pictures were taken a couple days ago and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just a pile of rubble now. Perhaps the workers were taking their time removing the rest of the trim inside and took the weekend off, leaving just Sunday as your best chance to explore.

From aeb00: This house was not plowed all season and had demo fence around it. I didn't know what to expect as we made our way through the deep snow. The house seemed small from the front, but still quite nice. We peaked in the window to see the house was empty, so we tried a door... and WOW! I was a little uneasy at first because this house was VERY beautiful.... but as I walked around I noticed the little tell tale signs that confirmed this house has been empty for some time. The floor and carpets were coming up in places and fraying here and there. The paint was peeling off the ceilings in areas, and cobwebs were building up in corners and on window sills as well as mice droppings. The water was off and the sinks and toilets had that gross rusty buildup. This house was a lot bigger than it seemed! The windows were big and the lighting was beautiful throughout. The basement had what seemed to be a ballroom of sorts, with a fireplace, bar, chandeliers, a couple bedrooms. There were more bathrooms and more bedrooms upstairs, a large dining room, living room, kitchen, foyer. Everything in this house was older, yet so elegant. The coloured, vintage sinks, detailing on the ceilings and walls, that rich, velvety wallpaper, spiral staircase, unique light fixtures, even the columns outside... this house was from another time! A true classic!... unfortunately it's since been demolished to make way for new development.

Latlng: (43.905474, -79.361454)


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Motleykiwi Only the shed remains now.

May 28 2019

fiso What a lovely place, and what a shame. Beauty album MK.

Mar 24 2019