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Latlng: (43.922997, -79.37613)

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School Section No. 7


Discovered by timo explorer
Created Feb 21 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Educational
City Markham, Ontario
Location # 2427

Found this wonderful old schoolhouse at the NE corner of Woodbine Avenue and the 19th Sideroad. Built in 1902. Appears to have been abandoned for several years. Very well boarded up and overgrown.

Woodbine Avenue was a major north/south route until the opeing of Highway 404. There are many abandoned structures along this stretch of road between Victoria Square and Gormley.

Latlng: (43.922997, -79.37613)


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doopster13 go here all the time, saddly one of the only abandon buildings i know of, i live near here and go all the time with a group of friends to take instagram pics (@danielkamladza just in case you wanted to follow me haha) not this school is cool but is hard to look around wuth out any knowlage of the buldiing, the front is boarded up but if you head to the back there is a little openeing you can squeeze into and head into the main part, i highly recommend a mask because there is a abundance of mold

May 29 2017

electricfuneral There is no longer any poe. Place is boarded up shut. Beautiful exterior, though I do wish I were able to get inside.

Jul 29 2016

Drifting_pablo Basement is now a pond, flooded and ankle high.

Jul 02 2015
unknown user avatar

Unknown user My grandfather went to school in this school house and grew up in the farm across the street. Have checked it out a few times with him when I was younger .. So cool to see

Nov 07 2014

Mydea Noticed this place had access today. I don't get creeped out easy but there is something off about this place. Some weird shit happened to me well I was inside and I left with a very unsettled feeling.

Sep 05 2012

canadavey I was here a few weeks ago scouting it. I walked around the building an on the left side there's a pile of rocks that I stepped into, fell, and smashed my knee on them. I then hobbled around to the front, took a picture and left. The School clearly didn't want me there!

Feb 23 2011

clay70 heya i have a pic of this school too..just NW of Almira

Feb 21 2011

spydrgyrl It's hard to imagine going to school here .. nice find Timo! :)

Feb 21 2011