Latlng: (43.833695, -79.427066)

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Free Standing Worship

Discovered by kat666g
Created Jul 20 2016
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Category Church
City Markham, Ontario
Location # 13731

Most likely will be demolished soon, this church sits alone in an area that contained 3 other abandoned houses that were just recently knocked down. Completely sealed however, there are boards on every window and crevice and are strongly bonded. Better check out this location before it's gone!

Latlng: (43.833695, -79.427066)


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May 22 2020
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blaekly This was a former Baptist Church, built ~1938. It was used as a Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo (??) Church before it closed. I actually spoke to who I believe to be the last pastor (?) of the church a year and a half ago (there used to be a note on the door with a #). He's extremely old, doesn't speak good English, and in total I probably understood about 0 words of our 5 minute "conversation".
Sep 06 2016