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South Street Hospital

London, Ontario

Location Owner Dave Summer
Creation Date Jan 31 2013
Status Being Demolished
Category Hospital
Location London, Ontario
Site number #6245

After 138 years of hospital service at this site, the existing buildings will be demolished in 2013. The original 56 bed 2 story London General Hospital opened in 1875. Buildings have come and gone over the years. The current main building "The North Wing" opened in 1941. The most recent addition was built in 1967. It sounds like the Colborne building (1904) may be saved. The fate of the buildings on the north side of South St. is uncertain. f1rstdegreeburns: A couple of summers ago I had the dream job. I got to work at what remains of an abandoned hospital overnight. I had special access (and permission) to all areas, and took loads of photos, that people deserve to see... Most of this old hospital has been torn down, but the old Children's wing, Health Sciences Lab, Admin Building and Daycare Centre remain. That is where I worked. Recently the site has been condemned by the city (because of Asbestos), and has heavy security, and London Police on site. The site is now closed.

Latlng: (42.976500, -81.235900)


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avatar of Iwaslookingformycat
Iwaslookingformycat This location still has a lot of abandoned property standing. However it is guarded 24/7. The main focus of security is the oldest building closest to the river. Its a heritage property so the developer has to fix it up so that it can become the museum. Right beside that will be high end condo's with the rest of the property becoming loft and one bedroom apartments. Be careful.
Sep 10 2018
avatar of mattgrant1
mattgrant1 There's a 100 foot long excavator at the back of the building - it's pretty cool. But if any of you are able to make it on - get to the top of the building and look out to the right side of the building. It's something out of a horror flick - the top three floors on the back side are all gone.
Jul 24 2014
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper classy eh, the two men made it across and left the woman to get busted!! I really hope these weren't explorers..
Mar 27 2014
avatar of riddimryder
riddimryder Any of you lot?
Mar 27 2014
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh This place in undergoing demolition now for the next year. :(
Feb 19 2014
avatar of lone wolf
lone wolf heard on news this week in January they are putting fences up around this place and in middle of month the wrecking ball starts. will take maybe 6 months. hopefuly someone can get in here before all gone .
Dec 14 2013
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper Can anyone in the London area let me know the recent status of this - PM me if you like.
Apr 29 2013
avatar of lone wolf
lone wolf Been by here on the 14th and still no demolition started, still waiting for the go ahead I guess?.
Feb 18 2013
avatar of maple
maple Well, this is amazing. All the galleries, all the pictures......just amazing!
Feb 04 2013
avatar of lone wolf
lone wolf This place has special place for me , was born here and worked as a candy stripper for a brief time .
Feb 03 2013
avatar of doom vs
doom vs I should have been checking doors open London dammit.
Feb 01 2013
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub amazing place and right in front of us the whole time. thanks for this
Feb 01 2013
avatar of superss
superss Wow, cool pictures & place.
Feb 01 2013
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper How have I missed this??? Great location!
Feb 01 2013
avatar of rcouper
rcouper Growing up ~ this was the Hospital always went to. It has seen it's day.
Feb 01 2013