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Permacon London
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Permacon London - Permacon London

Album uploaded by NGTOne

Industrial in London, Ontario

Demolished location discovered by NGTOne on Oct 17 2015

Permacon London - Permacon-London38.jpg
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Some sort of machine, left in the garage to rust. Looks like there's some bits of roller conveyor stacked on top of it as well.

Permacon London - Permacon-London48.jpg
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I think this one was used to refuel vehicles.

Permacon London - Permacon-London39.jpg
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Logbook of some sort. Found these by the dozen in the "garage" structure.

Permacon London - Permacon-London49.jpg
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Piles and piles of papers.

Permacon London - Permacon-London40.jpg
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Looking out of the garage, at the railroad tracks.

Permacon London - Permacon-London50.jpg
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Waiting for a truck that never came.

Permacon London - Permacon-London41.jpg
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The tower looms over the rest of the factory.

Permacon London - Permacon-London51.jpg
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Looking up. And up, and up...

Permacon London - Permacon-London42.jpg
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The conveyor belt, going up about 4 stories and feeding gravel into the factory for mysterious purposes...

Permacon London - Permacon-London52.jpg
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Slowly decaying fire extinguisher.

Permacon London - Permacon-London43.jpg
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Looking down towards the base of the conveyor belt.

Permacon London - Permacon-London53.jpg
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Controls for the conveyor belt.

Permacon London - Permacon-London44.jpg
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A hard hat, floating in several inches of rainwater at the bottom of the conveyor belt.

Permacon London - Permacon-London54.jpg
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Overview of the main factory building. To the right are several areas for dumping gravel for processing.

Permacon London - Permacon-London45.jpg
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What are all these lights for?