Latlng: (42.986958, -81.204336)

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Permacon London

London, Ontario

Location Owner NGTOne
Creation Date Oct 17 2015
Status Demolished
Category Industrial
Location London, Ontario
Site number #12856

Abandoned aggregates factory in central London. Has apparently been abandoned for a few years (banners near the "office" building date to 2012), but little degradation is evident. The main building is not easily accessible (one potential PoE was spotted, but your humble author was not properly dressed to make an attempt at it - those who are good at climbing/clambering might have better luck), with all the ground-level entrances either buried in gravel or blocked with large objects. Numerous outbuildings dot the large property, and some are accessible. Easily visited highlights include the garage near the front and the conveyor belt loading building near the rear (with a bit of flooding in the bottom). The roof is also easily accessed from the outside and offers a nice view of downtown London. In addition, keep your eyes open for the large fallen tree that hasn't realized it's supposed to be dead. There's a large "For Sale" sign out front, hinting at the future fate of the property, but it looks just as faded and derelict as everything else. I've made this one full-members-only (despite my status as a non-full-member) because of the unknown condition/layout of the interior of the building and potential for entrapment inside. Additionally, there was (when I visited) a dust-covered jetski sitting on a trailer in the one garage, making it a tempting target for the less scrupulous (and I have no idea what it was doing there - looked like it had been there just as long as everything else). I don't know if security checks in on the site with any regularity/at all, but I did see a security-company van parked nearby on my way out (though they didn't seem to notice/care about me at all, and may have been servicing one of the other nearby businesses). There are signs about video surveillance, but there were no apparent cameras, and the signs were visibly degraded. The fence is breached in several places, and doesn't cover the entire property to begin with.

Latlng: (42.986958, -81.204336)


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avatar of DDR12
DDR12 The bulidings are now demolished unfortunately
Aug 04 2019
avatar of Talker
Talker Nice! I checked that one a few times a few months ago but never saw a way in. Will have to try again now.
Oct 18 2015
avatar of clay70
clay70 nice
Oct 18 2015