McCormick's Biscuit Factory

Discovered by TWP
Created Aug 06 2010
Recent status Being Demolished
Category Commercial
City London, Ontario
Location # 1835

Thomas McCormick emigrated from Ireland about 1849. In 1858, he began manufacturing confectionary in a factory located on Clarence Street in London. McCormick was in direct competition with another confectioner, Daniel Simmons Perrin who had established his own business just four years earlier. The McCormick company was incorporated as the McCormick Manufacturing Company Limited in July 1879. Thomas McCormick died in 1906. In 1914, Thomas P. McCormick, son of the company(a)s founder Thomas McCormick, moved the London business from downtown to the Dundas location. McCormick had spent many years researching the latest manufacturing technology and incorporating it into his new "Sunshine Palace". At the time of its opening, it was the most modern and fireproof biscuit factory in all of North America. The building contained 1.5 million bricks, eight hundred tons of steel, one hundred thousand bags of cement, forty-five thousand square feet of glass (making up 68% of the exterior walls) and 150,000 square feet of maple flooring. The production at the new factory was impressive. 135,000 pounds of candy and 100,000 pounds of biscuits were produced on a daily basis. At the time as many as 1000 workers were employed in the factory. In 1926, McCormick’s Manufacturing purchased its competitor, D.S. Perrin and Company Ltd., and became the Canada Biscuit Company. The Canada Biscuit Company was sold during the 1940(a)s to George Weston Ltd. In 1990 the company was acquired by Culinar Foods of Montreal, and in 1997 by Beta Brands Inc. When the London factory shut down in the summer of 2008 it was still being operated by Beta Brands. At that time approximately 100 employees lost their jobs. Today the four storey factory located at 1156 Dundas Street lies vacant, dark, with a lot to see and explore. Information from meaghandiane: The five-storey, 432,000 square foot McCormick�s factory was opened in 1914 and produced candy and cookie products until its closure in early 2007. Built of concrete and steel and constructed to be fireproof, at the time it was considered one of the finest factories in North America. Its most distinct architectural features are its white terra cotta glaze and the extensive window coverage, which gave it the nickname �the Sunshine Palace�. The first floor contains storage space, flour and sugar silos, administrative offices, and a bakery with long conveyor belt ovens which still remain there today. The second floor was the area designated for the production of crackers. There is also a laboratory containing now empty cabinets which used to hold chemicals and such. The third floor was intended for the production of chocolate and also housed the employee cafeteria. The fourth floor was used to make candy and has skylights and roof vents which helped cool the candy during production. In one area a number of metal rods hang from the ceiling which occasionally clang together creating sounds much like wind chimes. The fifth floor has two distinct areas, one of which was used to produce jelly beans and the other which contains executive offices and a boardroom. The office area looks out onto Dundas Street and provides a great view as well as access to the rooftop which appears to be sinking in in some places.

Latlng: (42.995835, -81.21021)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Any cameras?
Aug 15 2020
unknown user avatar
Unknown User The construction has stopped, half of the factory has been torn down and the''ve put up a fence but there are plenty of holes to get through. Lots of Asbestos in the air on the top floor but should''t be too bad in short exposures.
Jul 13 2020
avatar of TheEasyKaybreezy
TheEasyKaybreezy Awesome spot
Jan 07 2020
avatar of TheEasyKaybreezy
TheEasyKaybreezy The basement isn''t even scary lol that homeless guy may not have wanted you to go there ;). There is a thrashed bathroom / employee change rooms near the front door stair case. Other wise it just really dark and simular to the other floors above. I couldn''t go the first time as there was like 4 inches of water in that change room, so I walked along the lockers as far as I could. My second trip there wasn''t water so I went through. There is actually a couple sets of stairs that go down
Jan 07 2020
avatar of Kenzie1233
Kenzie1233 Anybody ever been to the basement? I''ve gone twice but only since construction started, ran into a nice homeless man who told us not to go in the basement that it was what nightmares were made of and that he wouldnt even go during the day, a few other people I''ve met have said the same thing, wondering if anything is down there or it''s just as creepy as the rest of the place?
Oct 15 2019
avatar of hailey55439
hailey55439 demolition has started here so don't know how much longer it's going to be around for. which kind of sucks cause this is one of the ones i was planning for in the spring
Mar 01 2019
avatar of Greg
Greg This place is super icy in the winter, as said before. Had a few times where I slipped, and a friend I was exploring with actually slipped and fell down a set of icy stairs, so watch where you walk haha
Jan 18 2018
avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral If anyone wants to visit this location within the next few weeks just know there's currently road construction going on in the area and it's a bit of a hassle to get around.
Jul 16 2017
avatar of Digitisation
Digitisation Very easy to get to currently, super icy inside so be careful!
Jan 16 2017
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh This place is a soggy, smelly mess. Every floor was practically an ice rink. My friend fell down the stairs.. Bring skates!
Mar 19 2015
avatar of mattgrant1
mattgrant1 Security is pretty tight around the place. All known entrances are boarded up pretty secure. I'm sure someone will have it opened up shortly though. Hopefully get in one last time before it's re-purposed.
Jun 30 2014
avatar of superss
superss "Oh yea, we are going to build a seniors home, here's a shiny new dollar." 2 years later "Aww dang, the seniors home wasn't viable, you people let it go to waste too much. It's your fault!! We're building 1 billion storage units instead."
Jun 25 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state Wow, they really coughed up a lot of dough.
Jun 25 2014
avatar of Finz519
Finz519 Went past today and crews are sealing it up again. Just give it a week.
Jun 24 2014
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Great set Doom. Good write-up and find OAP.
Feb 05 2014