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London Ontario Party Mansion

Discovered by Motleykiwi
Created May 02 2019
Recent status Demolished
Category Mansion
City London, Ontario
Location # 16001

Here we have a nice estate home built in 1984 sitting on 1.88 acres. When it was on the market it had an asking price of $1.5 million which seems pretty low for me considering it beats several mansions I have visited lately valued at $4 million or more. I want to thank crazycarclub aka The Secret Lens for sharing this gem with me.

One major highlight here is the indoor toxic green pool which got a complete makeover in 2011 and features a 26ft high wood ceiling (It does have a great wood smell in there.) On top of the roof, there is a $50,000 solar panel system which helped pay for most of the electricity bills.

The home itself has seven bathrooms, five bedrooms, oak wood flooring, a double staircase, oversized eat-in kitchen with granite counters and much more. The other cool highlight is the kids room in the basement which features a couple hidden rooms, stadium seating for movies and a slide. I honestly wanted to go down the slide but I feared I would get stuck so I refrained.

I made two visits here, five days apart, both with TalkingWallsPhotography. The first time, many back doors were open and on our last visit, all the doors had been secured except one. Also inside, cabinets had been taken out, stuff moved around and somebody had tried to steal the wood burning stove.

This is a much desired location and as word gets out, I fear this place may be subject to vandalism. As a precaution I’m sharing this with a very small number of trusted people for now.

An interesting tidbit I found out afterwards was that many student parties were held here on the weekends a couple years back, usually resulting in the police visiting. At times 500-1000 tickets were sold and based on the event ranged from $20-$100. One night for $100 got you unlimited drinks and there was also a drug bar featuring weed, cocaine and mushrooms. Apparently a club owner had owned the place at the time.

Notes added by crazycarclub aka The Secret Lens

Here's a few links, one to a real estate video and another to the virtual tour of this house when it was on the market in 2017.!/

Latlng: (43.051349, -81.242669)


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TheEasyKaybreezy Sadly DEMOLISHED. I bet that was cool explore.

Apr 08 2020
unknown user avatar

Unknown user Confirmed by another explorer as well.

Sep 04 2019

Motleykiwi Apparently this place has now been secured.

Sep 04 2019

DDR12 Looks like this one sold for 1.446 million only 2 years ago. The house sure has gone downhill since then. So much black mold in the basement!

Aug 04 2019

timo explorer Nice find, lovely shade of green.

May 03 2019