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London Insane Asylum

London, Ontario

Location Owner ellewyn
Creation Date Feb 02 2009
Status Abandoned
Category Hospital
Location London, Ontario
Site number #542

This was officially named the "London Asylum for the Insane". It was opened on November 18, 1870. Dr. Maurice Bucke was the second superintendant for the London Asylum (1877-1902). Reports indicate that Dr. Bucke favoured humanitarian treatment of the mentally ill and that he attempted to improve mental health through providing patients with beautiful surroundings (the Asylum was a working farm)and many social activities. Dr. Bucke is also said to have limited patient(a)s use of alcohol and mechanical constraints as a form of control. In Dr. Bucke(a)s effort to bring religion into the lives of the patients, he convinced the government to build the Chapel of hope in 1884 which was also built with the help of the patients. There is a historic plaque in front of the Chapel of hope commemorating Dr. Bucke. A more contraversial treatment was Dr. Bucke(a)s gynecological surgeries, performed on over 200 women between 1895 and 1901. The theory at the time was that a women(a)s mental health was intimately linked to her reproductive system. When the Asylum first opened inmates tended to the 200 acre farm on the property caring for the crops and animals. Some inmates were required to work a full 8 hr day while others worked only a few hours. Some patients also found themselves working out in the community to help them keep active and teach them skills. In their down time patients would participate in sporting events and their scores were published in the local paper. They also put on plays, participated in musical events and exercise. Some patients were able to attend field trips to events in the city such as the Fair and trips to the theatre. Many surgical and medical procedures were done through the years such as electric shock therapy, lobotomies, hydrotherapy to treat insomnia and manic depression, as well as hysterectomies and repositioning of a displaced or prolapsed uterus as these conditions were believe to be connected to insanity. There is truly and extensive history on this facility. I understand that the London Heritage Society is trying to preserve this building. Unforturnately it is surrounded by a chain link fence and the property is used by the current health care facility so it is buzzing with activity, sometimes you will see patients or people walking their dogs though the grounds. Pictures do not do it justice it is truly a beautiful building in a picturesque setting. The building you see in the picture was not the main building but the Infirmary or Exam building. The main building was demolished in 1975. There is also the original chapel and barn on the grounds as well as the current and active London Psychiatric Hospital. Ref:,,

Latlng: (43.004773, -81.202860)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Not sure why but I was visiting this abandoned lumber yard in Toronto called ABC lumber and found a sign that said London asylum for the insane and when I looked it up this place came up
May 31 2020
avatar of oklems
oklems This place has been in the news lately warning urban explorers to stay out. The police and security have been watching this place very closely. If you try and go to pictures, good luck.
Feb 18 2016
avatar of LivingGhost
LivingGhost Anyone been to this location recently? i had scouted it awhile back and wanted to enter, A shame it seems to be sealed.
Feb 11 2016
avatar of DAExplores
DAExplores The hole has been patched up, and when we were looking there, a security car pulled up. We left soon after
Sep 20 2015
avatar of TWP
TWP Hole in rear fence then walk left as you're facing rear to the alcove. Bottom board comes off and ladder is behind hole
May 18 2015
avatar of Talker
Talker I saw those too, Storytrail. Are you sure they are from here though? This place has always been completely sealed up.
May 18 2015
avatar of Storytrail
Storytrail New POE must have opened up - some former members have been posting pics of this place.
May 13 2015
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Woah TGND...that's crazy!
Oct 10 2013
avatar of TheGirlNextDoor
TheGirlNextDoor Yikes:
Oct 10 2013
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper Great pics Phrenzee, it looks much different now though, completely boarded up all around :(. I have wondered if they built tunnels into the other buildings.
Jul 04 2012
avatar of Derelict Compositions
Derelict Compositions Great set Phrenzee!
Jul 03 2012
avatar of odet27
odet27 It was a night visit, also, it is very very tightly sealed up. Getting in isn't exactly legal so i wouldn't recommend going during the day. Actually, i wouldn't recommend trying to get in at all. it's quite risky, even though i didn't get caught, i almsot regert doing it for some reason haha. was a rush
Jan 27 2012
avatar of sQualie
sQualie @Odet27: Was this a night visit or is it that tightly boarded up that there is no natural light in there at all?
Jan 04 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs As the focus is most often on the beautiful albeit now sealed up Examination Building, I've put up a gallery of the other often overlooked historic buildings on the site. I have already posted an interior of the 1920 two story recreation hall. The Chapel of Hope is often documented, but it's still in use (I have friends who were married there). I've included pics of the 1894 Horse Stables
Dec 13 2011
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Another insane spot, btw nice blog heather
Feb 04 2009