Hole In One

Discovered by PNKRanger
Created Jun 22 2013
Recent status Being Demolished
Category Recreational
City London, Ontario
Location # 8112

Very little remains of what was once, I believe, Wally World. I don't have to much info on this place and since I didn't move to London until 2008 I've only ever heard the stories. I believe it closed down in 2002; selling some of its water rides to East Park. What remains is the Go-Kart track, Mini-Putt, and reminences of the Batting Cages which would have been outisde of the water park area. I believe there also use to be a driving range and picnic area there too. Think of all those kids and first dates that place saw. Also all the land has been sold with plans of making a centre for the Muslim community, so it may not be there for too long.

Latlng: (42.937817, -81.285795)


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avatar of Talker
Talker Used to love this place as a kid. Glad I finally got around to seeing this before they dig it all up. Presently, a Goodwill donation depot sits on the front portion of the lot. I understand they've been given the space for free (or highly reduced) until the owners decide to develop.
May 19 2014
avatar of ScottyHenz
ScottyHenz Great find!
Jun 22 2013
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ScottyHenz I used to go here all the time when I was a kid. I had no idea they still had some of the old go cart track up, really cool! I will have to check this out before it also gets removed.
Jun 22 2013
avatar of Finz519
Finz519 This is cool. I gotta check it out sometime.
Jun 22 2013
avatar of PNKRanger
PNKRanger @glueguy Not 100% positive. I know where it was built is now a big shopping area so I wonder if they had a change in zoning. Luckily East Park in London lives on and from what I've heard has the same feel as Wally World.
Jun 22 2013
avatar of glueguy
glueguy Nice photos. Looks like another of the really great mini-put places bit the dust. The photos show a lot of high quality concrete construction went into the place. Wasn't cheap to build. What happened to it?
Jun 22 2013