Bill's House

Discovered by galvinator89
Created Mar 22 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City London, Ontario
Location # 1244

A house I discovered down on Highbury. I refer to it as 'Bill's House' due to the name badge I found in the garage

Latlng: (43.030026, -81.220177)


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avatar of Veeedub226
Veeedub226 I drive by this house all the time and haven't stopped yet, I wonder what's it like inside.
Nov 13 2013
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Yeah, Highbury, sorry didn't want to say where but it's right there in the description. I am pretty sure there's a dupe in the system added after this. Skye you'd have been better off at Prospect Hill!
Jan 18 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Um, I think I know where this is...and I think someone put a duplicate entry in on boxing day, that was the day I drove past it and thought nah, too bungalow-ish, too many neighbours. Check the database I think it was odet someone or other that put up a dupe.
Jan 18 2012