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Latlng: (43.016927, -81.315707)

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Beautiful Fanshawe House

Discovered by crazy4more
Created Aug 18 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City London, Ontario
Location # 5230

I do not know to much about this house we were going to look at the house beside it but we could not get in it. So we took a look around this one instead and found we could get in. I will be looking into this house and as soon as i get info i will update.

Added by Meaghandiane: Abandoned five bedroom manor in great condition, appears to be abandoned only within the last couple of years. Not a lot of furniture or items left inside. There is a pool and a small pond in the backyard.

Latlng: (43.016927, -81.315707)


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unknown user avatar

Unknown user Gone as of today.

Mar 19 2018

Talker Drove past it yesterday and today, front door is wide open.

Oct 19 2014

Talker Recently reboarded, regretfully.

Jun 26 2014

Finz519 Yesterday I saw someone at this location. I was going to stop and act like a PO but didn't have time.

May 26 2014

Talker No easy point of entry as of yesterday. Some of the windows are boarded up. Some are unboarded, but closed and locked.

May 17 2014

DARKMAN Windows have been smashed and now its boarded.

May 02 2014
unknown user avatar

Unknown user Still locked up tight.

Jul 31 2013

timekeeper Locked up tight :(

Dec 03 2012

odet27 Weird, the back door was wide open and I was there just a a few days before you guys !

Dec 03 2012

crazycarclub i tryed today and it was locked up tight. Power is ON also.

Dec 02 2012

odet27 This is a great location, still in good condition. I'd check it out sooner than later for i have a feeling that a housing development company may be interested in the land.

Nov 30 2012

lone wolf I agree fm location would be a good idea

Aug 20 2012

Brenda can you see it from the road

Aug 19 2012

codi_7 Maybe make this a fm location.

Aug 18 2012

kev7716 I would move in there .

Aug 18 2012