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Across The River

Discovered by MissSarak
Created May 22 2013
Recent status Arson
Category House Or Farm
City London, Ontario
Location # 6903

You can see this manor from across the river in Springbank park so when I found it on the other side I was not disappointed. Garbage everywhere and it looks like some kids made a dummy to hang out this window. There is also a large barn/garage on the property. Pictures of the interior are to follow.

Added by superss: 30 APR 14

"It is a familiar site for Byron residents both past and present. Just across the river from Springbank Park, the charming Victorian-era home known simply as The Cedars is a sight to behold on the banks of the Thames. In the 1880's, The Cedars was built as an athletic club complete with docks, rowboats and canoes. The athletic club was then converted to a summer home when the property was purchased by Herbert A. Sabine in 1906. The Cedars was passed down from generation to generation until it was finally sold to Drewlo Holdings in 1978."

From London Free Press, full story link provided.

Latlng: (42.962315, -81.32787)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User This place was burned down in 2018 and is no longer around
Aug 11 2020
avatar of Draingoblin
Draingoblin As Talker already noted, this place is no longer accessible, having burned down in 2018. News article on the subject here: Shame, I never got in
Jul 12 2020
avatar of Talker
Talker The end of an era. This house was burned down tonight. It’s still ablaze right now I hear.
Jul 07 2018
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi This place is so trashed now and be careful of the needles in the kitchen.
Feb 27 2017
avatar of PhotographicTime
PhotographicTime We decided to explore it at night, scariest explore of our lives. It's upsetting to see it in such decay.
Jan 26 2017
avatar of Matchalove
Matchalove So sad to see how completely trashed this place has become. In comparing what I saw to some of the earlier galleries, my heart broke.
Oct 24 2016
avatar of Storytrail
Storytrail This place is fantastic! Fortunately the aforementioned security did not show up, wonder if they still have security at all? Sad to see the earlier galleries though - this place is covered in more graffiti than ever. The barn/outbuilding has also collapsed now or was torn down.
Apr 20 2015
avatar of superss
superss I concur and she seems to find them shortly after they were on here. She does a good job with it, but the only negative is that anyone & their dog can watch it. Luckily some scrapper from Tennessee probably won't venture up to London.
May 22 2014
unknown user avatar
Unknown User There's no way Tikitrex finds all those places on her own. Someone feeds her locations or she is already on here.
May 22 2014
avatar of superss
superss & I think TikiTrex can thank this site.
May 22 2014
avatar of Talker
Talker From a local paper: It was only about a year ago the urban explorer known as TikiTrex uploaded a video to YouTube that detailed the state of vandalism and disrepair of the estate formerly known as The Cedars.
May 22 2014
avatar of Talker
Talker Fortunately the security guard didn't get there for me until I had seen the top two stories. I found the inside to be quite neat, actually. The former residents have left tons of old paperwork--chequebooks, calendars, receipts, etc. wish I had more time to explore before being kicked out. (With a warning.)
Apr 30 2014
avatar of PNKRanger
PNKRanger Same thing happened to me just last week. Never even made it in because security showed up 2 minutes after I got there. Nice guy though. Sad to hear the inside doesn't do justice.
Apr 27 2014
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh The outside was gorgeous, but the inside was a total let down and had a putrid smell.
Apr 26 2014
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh Visited here today and was greeted at the end of my explore by a security guard. Super nice guy, let us off with a warning, but he let me know they've put up sensors throughout the property.
Apr 26 2014