Abandoned Wading Pool

Discovered by DDR12
Created Oct 23 2018
Recent status Abandoned
Category Other
City London, Ontario
Location # 15655

Very large wading pool on the grounds what used to be the YMWCA Summer Camp. All the other structures have been demolished, but the pool remains. Field to the West is overgrown with tall weeds, but there is a worn down path through it, leading to a beautiful forested area farther to the West.

Latlng: (43.042922, -81.199061)


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avatar of DDR12
DDR12 I highly doubt the property owner did that; Fahri owns this property.
Oct 27 2018
avatar of Natashadiane
Natashadiane Id watch when visiting this location. My roommate's uncle went here this summer, and the property owner came out with a shotgun asking him to leave.
Oct 26 2018