A Little Burnt Out

Discovered by Dave Summer
Created Jan 16 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category Industrial
City London, Ontario
Location # 3857

Photos of a small burnt out industrial building. It looks fairly old. The roof trusses are made of recycled rail road tracks. Id like to go back and check out the basement. I didn't have a flashlight with me. The basement looks to be partially caved in.

Latlng: (42.9751, -81.2296)


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avatar of Kenzie1233
Kenzie1233 This location is now demolished, not sure if the basement is filled in or not
May 11 2017
avatar of Natashadiane
Natashadiane Has anyone visited this location recently? Any info on it? :)
Apr 29 2016
avatar of jimmyenduro
jimmyenduro Watch out for needles and junkies. Found both on our last visit. Lol.
Sep 28 2014
unknown user avatar
Unknown User It looks as if there was a new fire recently; there was a lot of ashes and a kind of burnt smell in the air... Not sure since this was my first time going to this one, but there was a fence up blocking off the big room. Will probably go back to do some more looking around. Very cool
May 21 2012
avatar of theurbantrailblazer
theurbantrailblazer So the only history I could find is that this was owned by Huron Steel built back around in the 50's. Huron Steel rented this building out to a carpentry shop. But I do not know what it was after that.
Jan 29 2012
avatar of lone wolf
lone wolf yes doom you were right this place is right behing flag swipe on oposite side of tracks .
Jan 22 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Will be in London again soon will enjoy visiting this
Jan 17 2012
avatar of Dave Summer
Dave Summer I'm not sure what it was. The satellite shot shows it as being burnt out, so I guess it has been burned out for a while. Regardless, it is right down by the river, next to the tracks.
Jan 17 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Isn't the fruit company across the tracks? I thought I nailed this place down as beside the paintball place and behind the gates?
Jan 17 2012
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Nice pics, very colourful. Any idea what this place was used for?
Jan 16 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Nice find tucked away in the middle of the city. Very cool, and thanks ddavidd for another destination to visit when down your way! You can bet I'll be adding to the entry at some point!
Jan 16 2012