Latlng: (42.701276, -82.253049)

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Lambton County

Achromatopsia - Colour Blind

Album uploaded by crazycarclub

House Or Farm in Lambton County, Ontario

Demolished location discovered by crazycarclub on Mar 31 2014

Colour Blind - Achromatopsia12.jpg
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looks beige after processing but its really pee yellow

Colour Blind - Achromatopsia3.jpg
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grass coloured carpet

Colour Blind - Achromatopsia14.jpg
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this stuff on the walls is almost neon in reality

Colour Blind - Achromatopsia5.jpg
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another weird pink colour with odd purple wallpaper and a girl print to top it off

Colour Blind - Achromatopsia16.jpg
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this room was a never before seen colour that turned polka dotty in processing

Colour Blind - Achromatopsia6.jpg
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pink i think

Colour Blind - Achromatopsia18.jpg
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room at the back is booger green and you can still see the urine colour coming through in the foreground