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Light Paintings Vol5

User ishootthings
Date Aug 07 2020
Recent status Active
Category Drain
City Kitchener, Ontario
Location # 16506
Light Paintings Vol5 - IMG_3158Wta.jpg
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I DID smoke a joint, but this was supposed to be a tongue where the water flows out the bottom. Im an artist I guess cause I make these but I never said I was OK.

Light Paintings Vol5 - IMG_31599LO.jpg
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As I do moar and moar of these, I find myself wanting to refine them and remove things like my outlines and shadows. Its a hard thing to nail this light painting.

Light Paintings Vol5 - IMG_3160Wz4.jpg
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This gallery brought to you by mumble rap. Love it or lust it, the art with it echoing in pipes made when I was a kid, turned out alright. TBH I think "Overweight" by Trippie Redd was on loop for a looong time.

Light Paintings Vol5 - IMG_3176pg4.jpg
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The first junction all fancied up. Its REAL far in compared to the other drains. I mean it is way far out past the lake and there are a bunch of small tubes mice can float thru draining the surrounding areas. The creek also has a ton of small drains and medium ones (skateboard).

Light Paintings Vol5 - IMG_3180cWZ.jpg
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In retrospect, It may be just a bit farther up but this will do. Laziness prevails.

Light Paintings Vol5 - IMG_3183x2L.jpg
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The OUTLET. This was THE PICTURE of the outing/set. Spent the better part of a day down there and loved it. No trash panda chasing this time tho. On a side note, you could drive the largest pickup the city owns thru this. I gotta get a selfie of sorts for scale.