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The Hidden Wonder Of Victoria Park

Discovered by ishootthings
Created May 15 2020
Recent status Active
Category Drain
City Kitchener, Ontario
Location # 16506

As part of the walking of the Schneider Creek I obsessively dragged Pikaswed420 with me on, we eventually came to a ''Dead end" of sorts. Winter 2020 standing in the creek facing the Schneider Haus, there was a cold tube on the left and a warm tube on the right. The cold tube led to a ''waterfall'' that marks where the creek begins. The warm tube at the time, smelled like poop. It had the color of poop too. So I took pictures of the waterfall on the cold and marveled at how cool that it was underground. A phone call to the city about believing to see poop in the creek turned over a less than 4 hour response and repair to whatever had sprung a leak. And a bit of research later, I learned I could look at the lake at Victoria Park in Satelite View and see the stormwater drain that wound its way UNDER the lake. I had to see it. Its into the nicer weather now that Im getting to sorting this and I doubt I will make it further inside this drain until winter hits again. I dont like bugs. Some of the spiders I took pictures of in the middle of winter were thriving.

8/6/2020- Much nicer in the summer. Quite humid at points but a real nice breeze. Pikased420 got dragged with me again and we ventured to the third junction and by this point the drain was about Pikaswed420's short (TBH) stature. So when we go to the most likley last junction, my back will kill after. But only time will tell. We made some light Paintings around the first and Pikaswed headed her way. I hoisted my bike over and biked back. THIS NEXT PART IS WHY I TYPED THIS OUT. Im heading in and I see a moving shadow. Then It turns and I see 2 glowing dots. WICKED. So I went as fast as I could with the bike and chased it halfway to the first junction when It hopped into a smaller tube on the side. Awesome time. Chasing trash pandas on thier own highways. Now I can check it off the life list.

EDIT: When you start walking in the summer, it starts hot, then cools down and a hoodie is comfortable. Then the pipe sizes start going down and maybe its still cool in there but past the 6th or 7th junction, you have to waddle and crouch and it becomes VERY HUMID and VERY VERY THICK AIR. As many drains as Ive done, I want a 02 meter to keep going cause the pipes stay the same waddle size for a bit from what Pikaswed420 and I could see. 9th is as far as we got. Deeper in than the Duke Drain (in junction numbers and length as the first junction is quite a trek to get to). This is actually the farthest we go in here until I am moar prepared with moar saftey stuffs.

Latlng: (43.445692, -80.495571)


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