Latlng: (43.461808, -80.422142)

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Otterbien Drain

Discovered by ishootthings
Created May 07 2020
Recent status Active
Category Drain
City Kitchener, Ontario
Location # 16492

Another (like most) Google Maps find. In the Fall and Winter of 2019\2020, I had dragged the girl that follows me around into this drain. I had to fabricate some equipment from a skid to get us both in but it was worth it. Like the drain on Schneider Creek close to the former Schneiders factory, there is much old graffiti if you know what you are looking for and many deceased artists work down there. I would only go as far as Ottawa & Lackner but that was all I needed to see. Mind = Blown. The tunnels went to smaller sizes than I wanted to climb thru and there may not have been much moar to see. Near the outlet, you are walking alongside (but underneath) the public pathway and there seems to be a stream/creek that leads into a metal grate that goes into this drain. So you will get wet in the summer. And bring a crobar or something SOLLLID metal to break that curtain of ice before you pass and on the way out because you could get trapped temperature depending. This is winter event mostly for me as I dun like insects and they thrive there. PS. The echo the ice makes as you smash it away and it falls is something else. Would recommend but not sure how many people are into the draining.

Latlng: (43.461808, -80.422142)


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