Latlng: (43.426101, -80.425774)

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3211 Old King

Discovered by ishootthings
Created Apr 21 2020
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Kitchener, Ontario
Location # 16459

I had seen this for a while driving to and from work. Then my car isnt on the road and im taking the bus one day and the windows that were all there were gone. I went back that night and the neighbour was having a smoke so i had inquired about who the house belonged to and he said the landlord. I asked if i could take pictures and he said sure. I asked if i could go in and he said ''Its condemned, I wouldnt if I were you" so I walked right in. It was stoopid windy the day i saw it so I truly think it done did that to Itself. Next morning boards and metal were up. One floor tiny house.

Latlng: (43.426101, -80.425774)


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avatar of MacabreKiss
MacabreKiss Drove by today, it's gone.
Dec 30 2020
avatar of ishootthings
ishootthings I couldnt believe it kept the windows for so long. The other place you reference, Ive been to as well and one side was packed full of needles and the other had none (at the time) and the top floor was not accessible to me at the time (and still isnt. Heh.).
Oct 10 2020
avatar of Wanderingwillow
Wanderingwillow This place has sat like that for more than 10 years for sure. Awesome photos, I wondered what happened to the front. The window most likely gave out. And our area is REALLY bad for squatters. Look at the location, a little further down the road. Littered with needles now :(
May 22 2020