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Sydney's Backyard Bash


Discovered by ishootthings
Created May 10 2021
Recent status Demolished
Category Building (Older House Farm, Cottage)
City Kitchener, Ontario
Location # 17534
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 This location had a different name but thanks to TheEasyKayBreezy being such a good buddy, he made fun of the incident detailed at the bottom enough and sent me enough location names to suffocate the man who assaulted me. It is a row of 3 (THREE)  (EDIT MAY 11, 4 FOUR)demolitions to take place this week (5/10/2021). This location encompases the 2 buildings. I managed to get into the 2 and the house next door was open the entire time, but I havent (and dont think I will) make it there.

But it starts with TheEasyKayBreezy telling me about the house LONG ago. Maybe the summer 2020. And I put it off. I can see how this goes already. So he reminds me about it and that it has windows and Im ALL about that. So I decide to check it and I brought Pikaswed420 with me. We gain entry to the building on the end (92), and shoot it. I go back 2 days later just myself to shoot the one next door. I succeed. THEN. I go 2 days after that to get Pikaswed420 the other building and go at the house. Note I had unlocked the side door 2 days earlier. And it was again relocked. First thing of note, and that was all there was time to notice. Im about to enter and BOOM! THE TRUCK PULLS INTO THE DRIVEWAY BESIDE US (The building we shot already). Luckily for us there was a wood fence so the drivers vision was obscured. Off we scurried.

Next day, we have other plans incase it falls thru and we get to the place and there is a man behind the closed fence (well open a crack). He is not wearing a hard hat or steel toes that I see as we pass the notice of the "hard hat and steel toe area". I remark that hes not wearing them as he looks kinda out of place. "Im the owner, so its OK".

"I dont want to tell you I got in there, but I got in there. [Refering to #92] And that kitchen light with the stained glass. Its one of the nicest ones Ive seen around", and the conversation continued around how items that were worth salvage were BEING salvaged. The owner had people he knows that are coming (former tennants, friends ect) that are coming and buying items. Not bad. Im glad that that light gets a new home. Literally.

92, is a 3 unit apartment. The air is ok. The basement has some ceiling colapsing and a bit of insulation but overall a great explore for an empty 3 unit. 86, is a 2 unit building with the basement. The basement DOES NOT connect to the main house. I hate these but it is what it is. The job done to secure the front door was AMAZING (wedged the other door from the upper floor apartment between the stairs and screw it to the front door) but it clearly wasnt my POE.

After i said "I got in" the owner man chuckled. I was able to lock it as it was on the way out (92). Walking away from the chat, I hesitated and eventually we walked away, but he was a cool enough guy it seemed that he may have let us shoot the other 2 had we asked. I hope we can catch him before they are all gone to ask. 

Both of these small apartment buildings were built in 1952. The house (best description would be to look at the “Aud Haus”, as its a K-Town Classic from that era as well (built in 1951, only a year prior to the buildings). In and around WWII (or in this case, kinda just after). 

MAY 12 2021 - I noticed where the fence ended and I was cutting thru a driveway when a car sped up and a black man hopped out and demanded to know what I was doing. I told him I wanted to take pictures of the houses and he grabs a broom and threathens me. I tell the guy I want no problems and turn and start to walk away and he hits my ASS with the broom and breaks it (shop broom, not the wood handle that breaks but the metal broomhead). BEWARE. THE GUY IS A FUCKIN GOOF. ALL I DID WAS WALK. I HAD NOTHING IN MY HANDS AND NEVER TOLD HIM I WASNT LEAVING. You have been warned. Do nothing and get your ass beat. Literally.

MAY 23 2021 - 2 were gone and one was half gone. SHE GONE.

Latlng: (43.442898162218, -80.46725214909)


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ishootthings Oh GOD, thats ONE way to put it.....

May 24 2021  • 0 like(s)

MacabreKiss I am dying reading that story... What an adventure exploring in Kitchener is.

May 24 2021  • 0 like(s)

ishootthings ALTERNATE TITLE: THANKS TO KB Location name : Demolished On Sydney Album Title - I Got. LOL

May 13 2021  • 0 like(s)