Latlng: (43.459967, -80.49819)

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Weber Fever

Discovered by mobileworks
Created Apr 08 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Location # 6662

Weber [wee-burr] is coming down in a big way and fast. West side only. Many houses ,many, many streets and lots of houses still standing but may not last long . The new rapid transit is on the way and these houses are being demolished at a feverous rate.

Latlng: (43.459967, -80.49819)


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avatar of Manzil
Manzil Is this place not demolished?
Jul 01 2014
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks you bet , right place at the right time , ya they went fast alright.
Jun 03 2014
avatar of factfinder
factfinder Thank you for getting those photos as most are now gone. history gone!
May 12 2013
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Ya , thanks , just wonderful, now they might beef up security.
Apr 15 2013
avatar of Lady Morganna
Lady Morganna There was a fire along this row this morning.....
Apr 15 2013
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Yes, shame for sure. These houses are solid and could be moved to vacant lots. The city spent $million$ to buy them, just to tear them apart? Come on.
Apr 10 2013
avatar of vastie_dita
vastie_dita What are they driving to if no one lives on that street anymore??
Apr 09 2013
avatar of punchbowl
punchbowl Taking down good homes all in the name of so called progress!!!!!!!!!shameful just shameful!!!!
Apr 09 2013
avatar of bigpaulsmall
bigpaulsmall Shame,shame,shame.
Apr 08 2013
avatar of superss
superss Oh man, some real classic homes.
Apr 08 2013