Latlng: (43.498075, -80.398507)

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The Randall Farm

Discovered by MacabreKiss
Created May 29 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Location # 1607

My great aunt used to live in this house around the 50's - 60's with her first husband. Then when they moved out another couple moved in (Paying rent to my aunt). Then they moved out and my aunt sold the property to someone else. And we think they were the last to live there. I talked to my aunt and the couple who were paying rent died and the property was left to their family who no longer paid for it, hence her selling it off. Since the new owners don't use it for anything and don't want to pay to tear the place down... It sits abandoned... (It was Demolished May 19th 2011)

The house looks stable and secure, even though there are no windows and 90% of the walls have been broken down. Great place! Theres also a HUGE Barn and a smoke house in the far back. This house has been recently used as an illegal dumping spot, so there's almost no entry through the garage now.

Apparently the owner of the land is now putting his foot down - He's blocked off the only entry way. But he is there quite often just tending the front yard.

2013 - the barn is still there.

Latlng: (43.498075, -80.398507)


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avatar of MacabreKiss
MacabreKiss The barn (after suffering years of theft, vandalism and other shenanigans) was completely demolished today. Just the foundation remains.
Apr 28 2017
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Extinct...R.I.P...demolished. There's the clue.
Nov 13 2014
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub It says demolished in the status plus the comments below would leave me to believe this place is gone.
Nov 13 2014
avatar of Sasha
Sasha Does anyone know if this place is still standing?
Nov 13 2014
avatar of Sasha
Sasha Does anyone know if this place is still standing?
Nov 13 2014
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Posted my last dozen pics of this extinct location. R.I.P. Belgian house!
Dec 24 2011
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Here's another 20 pics of what was a great place to explore.
Nov 10 2011
avatar of tuatara_cda
tuatara_cda wow, truly a great find. i think the house is beautiful, and probably was gorgeous back in it's glory days
May 30 2010
unknown user avatar
Unknown User A wonderful find, indeed! :)
May 29 2010