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August 2017

User white wolf
Date Aug 08 2017
Recent status Demolished
Category Commercial
City Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Location # 14414
August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge28.jpg

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Mop sink on left and hall leading to dry goods stock room and manager office and meeting room farther down on left.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge21.jpg

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Basement electrical room

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge22.jpg

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At one time a Birthday party room but later on converted to managers basement office and meeting room.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge23.jpg

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Kitchen with fryer station in background

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge11.jpg

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Walk in fridge and freezer in background with broiler exhaust hood and vent in centre of pic.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge13.jpg

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Drive thru counter area and cash pickup window.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge24.jpg

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Drive thru pickup window.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge14.jpg

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Basement hall leading to crew room, electrical room ,stock room and basement offices.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge15.jpg

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Inside Electrical room looking out.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge16.jpg

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Crew lunch room with lockers.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge17.jpg

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Crew change room and bathroom.

August 2017 - The-BK-Lounge18.jpg

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basement staircase.