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Strasburg Evan.Lutheran Cemetery

Discovered by mobileworks
Created Apr 12 2016
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Category Cemetery
City Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Location # 13366

The Strasburg[German] Evangelical Lutheran Pioneer Cemetery was established in 1850 but their were a few burials before that. As I have lived in this area for a long time I was surprised to find this cemetery here, covered by trees, and in an industrial area, especially. My sentry got a glimpse of a headstone, she thought, and I laughed, but turned around. She was right. There use to be a log church here as well, in 1847, on the high part of this property. Some of the readable headstones are here and the rest are on a plaque in the gallery : Mary Boehmer, 1845-1863....Ludwig Bachman, 1815-1870....Maria Kesserling, 1793-1885...Ludwig Beihm, 1827-1908...Elizabeth Beihm, 1835-1905...Christoph Grischow, 1816-1901...Johann Rieber, 1801-1871...Maria Schafer, 1811-1878...Catharina Schnarr, 1805-1877... Maria Zimmerman, 1793-1885. This shows some of the names of this era and how they were spelled and who is around today. The repairs/restoration were well done, some headstones are completely cemented to an outer headstone. There are still many headstones missing and broken as it was abandoned for a very long time. All the names are in the gallery but their exact locations are unknown.

Latlng: (43.403113, -80.469753)


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