Latlng: (43.43709, -80.43259)

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Forgotten School

Discovered by white wolf
Created Jul 18 2016
Recent status Demolished
Category Educational
City Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Location # 13725

Yet another abandoned School.Just happened to be talking with some workers that were removing debris from roof.He told me this school is scheduled for demolition sometime this summer.Lots of windows smashed by probably people throwing rocks.All lower doors and windows were boarded up.

Latlng: (43.43709, -80.43259)


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avatar of TheEasyKaybreezy
TheEasyKaybreezy Google needs to update its maps.
May 28 2020
unknown user avatar
Unknown User This building was destroyed in 2018. Nothing remains but a park
May 19 2020
avatar of ctgal1011
ctgal1011 Was amalgamated with St. Michael's.
Dec 09 2016
avatar of clay70
clay70 Kitchener-Waterloo
Jul 18 2016