Latlng: (43.407885, -80.456743)

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Budd Automotive
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Budd Automotive - BUDDday

Album uploaded by ishootthings

Commercial in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

Demolished location discovered by phrenzee on Mar 14 2012

BUDDday - IMG_2451wvQ.jpg
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I just went back the next day and got the definitive pics. Brought Pikaswed420 to the second shell. LOL.

BUDDday - IMG_2454qpd.jpg
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This is the building on the far side closer to Budd park.

BUDDday - IMG_2455iIT.jpg
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Very small office.

BUDDday - IMG_2456ml6.jpg
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BUDDday - IMG_2459tv1.jpg
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View3. Down the middle.

BUDDday - IMG_2462qSa.jpg
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View5. Bit further back than the last one.

BUDDday - IMG_2466pWK.jpg
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Aaaaand moving on to the next building.

BUDDday - IMG_2468fQb.jpg
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Its not fog. Its like oil condensate particles. So fucked. I think its coming from the flooded basement.

BUDDday - IMG_2469hf1.jpg
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I got to the first platform and wanted no more to do with this. It was solid tho.

BUDDday - IMG_2471nkp.jpg
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Wall that is coming in. Maybe the other wall kinda held it up.

BUDDday - IMG_2472ksd.jpg
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Upper view1.

BUDDday - IMG_2473yzM.jpg
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Upper view2.