Latlng: (43.516813, -80.507254)

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BlackBerry House

Discovered by photocbear
Created May 11 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Location # 4722

This is a classic Ontario farmhouse smack dab in the middle of subdivisons, arenas and the campus of Waterloo's biggest and best known employer, Research In Motion.

The house and barns are boarded up and the property is being used for storage so it really is hit and miss for activity.

From Skye_Ann, June 2014: (with links below) This property is owned by Kieswetter Demolition Company and they use it as storage space for their store called "Timeless Materials". The barn and house were built in 1906. The location is also popular with local photographers for portrait photos.

Latlng: (43.516813, -80.507254)


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avatar of sspunkk
sspunkk This property is going to be used to build a hospice for Waterloo. The city has a notice up now for their future plans with this site.
Oct 19 2017
avatar of MacabreKiss
MacabreKiss This location has been demolished... :(
Nov 29 2016
avatar of MacabreKiss
MacabreKiss Glad to be able to shed some light into the interior
Jun 27 2014
avatar of Lady Morganna
Lady Morganna Went out here today hoping to find a POE, as it has been a couple months I thought some one may have broken her in. No luck though.
Jan 02 2013
avatar of photocbear
photocbear great shots mshular! I still want to go back here a few more times.
Jul 09 2012
avatar of photocbear
photocbear I have been thinking that for years!
May 11 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Death clock is ticking one would think?
May 11 2012