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Kinghorn Cemetery


Discovered by maple
Created Jan 07 2012
Recent status Historic Location
Category Cemetery
City King, Ontario
Location # 3770
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The Kinghorn Methodist Episcopal Cemetery was established in 1848. It sits on a small hill and contains 30 headstones which most have now cracked with age. A church was built at this location in 1849 but was closed in 1890 and the cemetery was abandoned. The church was turned into a house and in 1906 was moved to a farm owned by John Wade. I have tried to research Mr Wade but have come up with nothing.

Latlng: (43.921296, -79.553187)


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unknown user avatar

Unknown user Interesting place. A lot of the graves are of women and children I guess the women probably died in childbirth or shortly after..

May 08 2020  • 0 like(s)

maple Nice thanks. Better understanding of just how small the cemetery is.

Jan 08 2012  • 0 like(s)

timo explorer Interesting location. I actually have a geocache placed at the edge of this cemetery.

Jan 08 2012  • 0 like(s)