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Heritage Mini Mansion No More

Discovered by AUC
Created Mar 30 2020
Recent status Demolished
Category Mansion
City King, Ontario
Location # 16414

Very enjoyable explore as there is a few structures to explorer. This farmhouse sits on a very large property that has an in ground pool, tennis court, pond, guest house and large barn. Looks like they used to board horses here at some point. Very long driveway so walking under the trees may help being spotted. This was once a small farmhouse and was on the heritage list as it was built in 1891. Over the years you can see they added additions on both sides of the house and added shed dormers along the roof. With all the modifications to the original house it no longer met the criteria so the house was removed from the heritage list. This house has been sitting for awhile as there is heavy mold in the basement caused by approx. 2 feet of water. Don’t go down there without a mask. There was a few things left behind in the basement. Items such as Pool table, Piano, Ping Pong table and a Foosball table. The Piano was over 100 years old it was a Mason & Risch upright. I looked up the serial number that was inside the piano and it was made between 1900 and 1910. Seams like the barns and farmers fields are active as there is equipment and tractors in the out buildings.

aeb00: Apparently this home is almost 130 years old! It was sitting empty on active farmland for some time and it's pretty beautiful inside. The details and different textures of wallpaper and curtains tell us that this was once a gorgeous home! There's a few things left behind here like the old couches, but nothing of significant value or nostalgia thankfully! The basement was pretty unbelievable! I visited here with RiddimRyder Photography and Carlo Paolozza and we all made sure we wore masks down there because it was absolutely coated from top to bottom in mould! There was a piano and pool table down there in one area and a ping pong table and more in a flooded area of the basement! It was pretty neat to see, but none of us stayed down there for long! This home has since been demolished unfortunately.

Latlng: (43.947432, -79.516483)


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unknown user avatar

Unknown user Be advised that this is active land. House is inactive but a truck pulled in moments before we planned to.

May 06 2020

timo explorer Nice find, well done.

Mar 31 2020

Motleykiwi That's where this one is, nice!

Mar 31 2020

AUC Your welcome!

Mar 31 2020
unknown user avatar

Unknown user Very cool original find. Thank you for sharing it.

Mar 31 2020