Empty House- Nobleton

King, Ontario

Location Owner crasher2
Creation Date Jul 03 2010
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location King, Ontario
Site number #1727

A small house with extreme over growth of weeds on the front lawn. The house in no longer in use and is extremely moldy due to in climate weather.

Latlng: (43.900570, -79.661803)


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avatar of vern_godlittle
vern_godlittle It's gone baby, gone
Apr 24 2017
avatar of Mydea
Mydea was at this place on Tuesday but had no time to post it... last pic is of the basement, very tame as far as basements are concerned.
Sep 22 2012
avatar of ground state
ground state Strange indeed about the power. Maybe better you didn't go in the basement, as houses this open usually have moist/wet basements, and combined with the power on... who knows what kind of electrocution hazards could be waiting. Maybe someone in the house but it is amazing how human-like raccoons can sound walking around. Have scared me several times!
Sep 22 2012
avatar of Mydea
Mydea currently boarded up tight...
Sep 20 2012
avatar of x3ni
x3ni smelled* my bad.
Jul 05 2011
avatar of x3ni
x3ni Must have spelled realy bad in there, haha.
Jul 05 2011
unknown user avatar
Unknown User It is a nice area...WE were lucky to have gone it..Very nice house and has a flooded basement which i dont recommend going in
Aug 20 2010
avatar of x3ni
x3ni If I get the time, I may just check this area out.
Jul 05 2010