Latlng: (43.858463, -80.982406)

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Huron County

Help On The Farm

Discovered by trailblazer519
Created Mar 13 2013
Recent status Abandoned
Category Recreational
City Huron County, Ontario
Location # 6421

The first time i spotted this location i didn't think much of it so i skipped it. The second time i stumbled upon it i thought i would take a closer look.. and i'm glad i did. (plus now i have a pair of binoculars for viewing locations from a far distance) There used to be a house here but now only a foundation and its chimney. And like many farms there's a trailer for the farmhand. There's also about a dozen old vehicles in the field. My favourites were the 2 old classic AMC Ramblers, and there's 2 old VW bugs.. for don. Found it late in the day so i ran out of light therefore i didn't explore the barn but i'm going back in the spring to get a better look at the cars and see if there's more in the barn. Don't know if anyone owns this property but i was free to roam.

Latlng: (43.858463, -80.982406)


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avatar of donjeep
donjeep Loved the bugs and the old steel wagon wheels!
Mar 15 2013
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Can't let any go to waste :-\ ..seems to have been a popular colour for a time too :-[
Mar 14 2013
avatar of ground state
ground state I like how someone, in their infinite interior decorating wisdom, decided to paint the kitchen cupboard doors in the trailer the same awful blue as the walls... only to discover after doing half a cupboard door how crappy it was going to look!
Mar 14 2013
avatar of TheGirlNextDoor
TheGirlNextDoor Wow! Lots of older items in the trailer... Great find!
Mar 14 2013